Andrea Salvaggio, 13


On Friday, April 8th, 2022, Andrea, 13, was attacked and stabbed by her father, Paul Salvaggio, critically injuring his daughter. News reports state that Andrea was stabbed in her stomach and face while in bed. She is now at Boston’s Children’s Hospital in critical, but stable, condition.

Below is the text written on the GoFundMe for Andrea.

Dear Friends and Community Members, This GoFundMe account was created to help with 13-year-old Andrea Salvaggio’s recovery. As many of you know, she was a victim of a violent attack. Andrea has sustained many physical and emotional injuries and has a long road of recovery ahead.

Andrea is an amazing athlete that has a lot of energy! She has a tremendous passion for dance and cheerleading and has recently excelled at softball, track, and volleyball. Unfortunately, it is unclear if Andrea will have full mobility in her legs, hands, and back due to this devastating event.

In addition to her athletic prowess, Andrea is a caring friend and loves spending time with her two dogs Reese and Buddy. This recent heartbreaking event has shown Andrea’s strength, bravery, and determination. Her recovery will be lengthy and extremely difficult. Let’s surround her with continuous love and support.

Andrea and her mother have been deeply moved by the prayers, kindness, and love the community has provided. Your generous donations will directly help fund Andreas’s physical and emotional well-being and provide a glimmer of hope during these challenging times.

Now, I am going to do the rare thing of putting my personal feelings into this, so excuse what I say here as it may bother some of the more wimpy crowd.

As a parent myself, I could never imagine ever getting to the point of harming a child, let alone my own child. This truly disgusts and angers me greatly. I hope the screams and cries of his daughter and wife will haunt him forever as he gets his prison justice and what is so immensely coming to him. Karma is going to give him what he deserves. This really makes me want to cry.

Paul Salvaggio is a true fucking piece of shit and I wish I could have a turn with him.

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