About NetPredators

The safety of a child is everyone’s business


There seems to be a lot of confusion among the community on who NetPredators is and what we do. We would like to clear that up for everyone.

Who is NetPredators?

We are a group of like minded people, a community driven project, and has not been just a single person for a while now. Although I, myself, am the person behind the curtain pressing the big buttons, let it be known that I am not the only one here and there are people that contribute in many smaller ways including some catchers and decoys. We have been getting some growth as of lately. Although, for the privacy of those involved, we choose not to individualize them.

What are you doing here?

We do a lot in this community and are growing stronger and bigger everyday. But lets break it down.

The missing piece to the community

We started because we saw a need in the community and we wanted to do our part in helping to protect children. Not wanting to be just be like every other keyboard warrior and contributing nothing of value while feeling all noble on one’s high horse, we decided to take action and do our part.
Our primary goal here is to protect children by cataloging and exposing child predators caught by the live streaming community. There is a public database of registered sex offenders, but not a database for predators caught by the community.

Why we are needed

Here is the problem. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook,… etc… all will remove videos at the predators request all because the predator goes and cries to them. You also can get in trouble for revealing the predators private information or even their face on those platforms as well. You can’t just go and search on youtube for some low profile predator that molested you years ago and be able to find that information. When you are so limited by the Terms Of Service of those platforms, no one really gets to properly expose a predator besides on the live stream.

We make sure that the predators are never forgotten.
If they are cataloged in our database then a google search will give the person a link to our website.
On our website, and other services that we offer, we will not remove information just because a predator cries. The only way we will remove a post about a predator is if one of the below happens;

  • The predator becomes deceased
  • A judge demands it
  • if the information was on the wrong person

We make sure that the predators are never forgotten.

We are also here to help the catchers and decoys that do the dangerous work.

We want to help the catchers, decoys, and people of the community as much as we can with the resources we have at hand. We provide a webpage for each catcher that we support. We allow them to have whatever they want on their page. We provide their donation links as well.
We also provide some other services for those that are trusted and working with us on sharing information. We provide private filesharing, IRC chat services, and a private video chat service.
Some of these services may become public at some point.
Our efforts as a community become more powerful when we all work together to reach the same end goal of making the world safer for our children.

How are you funded?

I’m glad you asked! Simple. We are not funded for this project in any way. This comes out of my own pocket. We DO NOT monetize any videos uploaded to our Youtube account. We will not display ads on our website. We also refuse to accept monetary donations for the following reasons.

  • Protecting children is our goal
  • We never want to be driven by greed, keeps us honest
  • We don’t want to have to report income to the IRS
  • No one can ever accuse us of taking a bribe via donation to remove information

We only want to provide donation links for catchers and decoys in the community.

I am losing money

It’s also worth noting the amount of labor I put into this. Keep in mind, I am learning as I am going. I am learning it all on my own. Linux, webhosting, php, html, physical server maintenance, etc…. is all stuff I do not have any professional background or training in. Although I was a PC tech for a long time, it is still an entirely different beast.
To get to the point of you being able to read this text right here, this was hundreds of hours of learning, trial and error, sleepless nights, crying at defeat, and not giving up until I figured it out.
The amount of money I have spent on electricity and the cost of the servers I own, VPS’s, internet, drives drives and more drives… I am into this project really deep.
*Full disclosure, this website is not the only thing I do with my servers, I do a lot more with them, mainly try things out and learn more and more everyday.
I still have a family on top of this all as well.

But, as I have told you guys before, I am just trying to do my part in helping to protect children.

Community Grievances

First, anyone that feels they really have a valid complaint against me, please do it through the proper means of contacting the police or going to court. There is absolutely nothing to gain with me by attacking me in public and trying to get people to rally on your side. I don’t fold.
I get that a few people have taken issue to our practices, and I believe that there is a misunderstanding, plus a push for community drama from certain people. I would like to address those as well.

“StOp StEaLiNg CoNtEnT”

There seems to be one fundamental misunderstanding going on here. Allow me to explain.

These videos that these catchers do are NOT ‘content’. They are in fact evidence of a person in the commission of usually multiple felonies and they often confess to those crimes as well. Once people stop looking at these catch videos as being ‘content’ that someone owns, then we can all get over this issue.
Our primary goal is protecting children. We do this by exposing the predators and making sure the internet can never forget them

What we do is protected under the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution.
Please don’t forget about our right to Freedom of the Press.

I record much of the live streams that catchers do and I archive older catches as well. I have many reasons why I do this.

  • In case Youtube nukes an account *cough* Ramy *cough*.
  • If violence happens on a live catch and someone get’s seriously hurt.
  • if a predator cries to youtube and gets a video taken down

We only display or upload those videos ourselves if any of the following conditions happen;

  • Youtube removes the video
  • The catcher removes the video or makes it private
  • The video is unable to be embedded onto 3rd party websites

Please remember, our goal it to protect children by exposing predators.
Within the first 24-48 hours of a catch happening, that is when most family and friends find out about a loved one’s exposure. Having this video evidence, that often consists of the confession, available during that time period is crucial.
If a catcher decides to ‘private’ their video after the catch, then most of the family and friends will not get to see that evidence.

If a video ever gets removed by Youtube, many times that catch is gone forever. That is essential evidence that people will not be able to see again.
There are times that videos get taken down too because sometimes some dangerous shit happens. Predators bring weapons often enough. Or what if a catcher get unlawfully arrested. This is a safety and legal concern.
If a catcher is going to welcome the New York Post to write an article and even host their own edited copy of a catch, then they should not complain about our journalism. Even if they do complain… First Amendment trumps their feelings.

I want to remind everyone. I fully support the catchers and provide their donation links as well.
If I had it my way, the catchers would always leave the video up until an edited version is finished, at least unlisted, while allowing it to be embedded on 3rd party sites. I want the catcher to get all the views, but if they make that not possible for me, well, the protection of children and the exposure of the predator is much more important.
Mind you, the videos that I end up having to post up my own copy of gets very few views, only once or twice breaking 100 views (Don’t quote me on that figure). That amount of views do not amount to anything substantial for revenue on Youtube. Most of the videos only get a couple dozen views after a few weeks.
If the catcher puts a video back up then I will switch back over to their copy again. I am not trying to take anything away from the catcher.

But, if any catcher really has that bad of an issue with me recording their live streamed catches while they happen, then just quit live streaming your catches. I am quite certain that none of them will do that because the money that they make is far too important to them.
Again, the priority should be about protecting children, not getting paid.

“But you log IP Addresses”

Yeah, so what? Be happy that I am telling you about it. At least me telling you about it gives you a warning allows you the chance to get on to a VPN before you say something stupid in the comments of a post.
Newsflash Einstein. Every single service that you use on the internet logs IP Addresses. If you use facebook, instagram, Youtube, reddit, twitter, or really anything else on the internet, your IP Address is getting logged. I only intentionally log IP addresses. All those other websites also log your User Agent information, bombard you with ads that steal information… AND THEY DONT EVEN TELL YOU ABOUT THEIR SPYING!!!
I am not even using Google Analytics.
Hell, if you install their apps on your phone, now you have a full fledged spying device following your every word and footstep, and you are going to complain about me logging IP Addresses, something that is standard practice. Are you mentally challenged?

Every Apache and nginx webserver installation log’s IP addresses by default.

This is a great analogy for the people that do not understand the simplicity of this…
If someone comes to your home, they need your permission before they can go inside your home, and you have the right to know who that person is and even keep a guestbook.
Websites and other internet services are no different. When you own a website or a server, you have the legal right to know what IP address is accessing your property. You SHOULD even keep a log of those IP addresses.

If anyone is accessing my website, my server, and my property, I have the right to know who is connecting to it.

See, our website is a prime target for a DDoS attacks (trolls). I also have already been threatened with an act of violence towards me by a community member (Locksmith).
And since I also allow people to leave comments and forum posts, if someone starts making public threats to anyone else and the police want the logs, I need to be able to provide the logs easily so they don’t take away the servers to scan for forensic evidence.

If you are doing nothing wrong then you have no need for concern.

“What is the problem between you and (insert name)?”

If you have to ask, then it does not involve you and you don’t need to know or become involved.
This is how we put a halt to the drama that tears our community apart. We mind to our own business, and certainly don’t let people influence us especially when they contribute nothing positive to protecting children. Asking questions about things that do not involve you only serves to cause problems, and we don’t want to deal with it.

We have more important things to do. Don’t you?
If someone tries to involve you about something that is not your business, do your part and tell them to fuck off. They are the ones trying to instigate drama, I am trying to squash it.

Again, I purely want to just help prevent any children from getting abused by uncontrollable animals.

“Who is this mystery person?”

Again, NetPredators is not a single person. Any information pertaining to it’s members is not for the public to know.

See, the thing with exposing people is they often want to get a lawyer to hunt down your information so they can take you to court. And since what we do falls under Protected Speech and is 100% completely legal, they can not get a warrant to find out who it’s members are and this becomes only a civil matter. The lawyers have to spend shitloads of time trying to identify us via public slipups and it ends up costing the predator shitloads of money.

If a predator’s lawyer can not identify us then they are unable to file a civil suit against us. It’s that simple.

Final Thoughts

Again, all we want is to just do our part to make the world safer for children.

When in doubt, please, ask yourself, is what you are doing contributing to that goal? If not then you don’t need to be doing it.

If we all just focus and work together then we can succeed. If we allow drama, greed, and clout to tear us apart then the predators win. I am sure some people in this community push drama are indeed predators themselves.

We are not trying to step on toes, we are trying our best to help. But when push comes to shove, working towards the goal of protecting children and our First Amendment rights trumps everyone’s overly sensitive feelings and complaints.