Jeffrey Michael Vernace

Name: Jeffrey Michael VernaceDate of Birth: August 17th, 1974Catcher: PCI, PCMCatch: September 19th, 2021Decoy: 14 FemaleSocial Media: Linkedin(A) Jeff Vernace has a previous conviction and is a registered sex offender.…

Trenton Chase Brand

Trenton Chase Brand was previously arrested and charged with 5 felony counts of possession of child pornography. TwitchFacebookYoutubePSN Network Like224 Dislike28 3710cookie-checkTrenton Chase Brandno

Jacob Kolodziej

Name: Jacob KolodziejLocation: TexasOccupation: Music Teacher, Trumpet Soloist(A)Decoy: 13 yr old girlCatcher: Colorado Ped Patrol Like224 Dislike28 610cookie-checkJacob Kolodziejno