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  1. Hi, I am need of some help. This man Chris Carrese is preying on young girls in Pennsylvania. Sadly these girls go to a school for kids with mental problems as well as other disabilities. Sadly my 16 yr old daughter got caught up with a few kids who he is in contact online with. I have notified my local police with no help from them. They insist that this man and his partner are using fake names as well as screen named. however, my daughter has been on group video chats with him and his partner with the other girls that are involved. He had one of these girls threaten to kill me and my family. i have screen shots of some of the conversations. Her school know what is going on because she told them about it and this has causes her to want to kill herself she even tried to kill on herself one night while on chat video with this group. I am at a loss on what to do would love to know what i can do to protect her and my family. He wont lave her alone ans even uses the girls against her at school. Thank you for any help you may be abel to give me.

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