PP Mass

Predator Poachers Massachusetts: Mission Statement

PPMASS Is an activist group raising awareness about online predators, and the underage children they prey on. We focus on protecting children from becoming victims, while exposing these predators and bringing their criminal behavior to light.

By raising awareness, we hope to educate parents, grandparents, and the community at large about the dangers of social media, and how easily a child could become a victim.

Yes, even in your hometown.

Through our efforts, and the efforts of all who seek a safer world for our children, we hope to make a positive impact within our community. We hope for a day when our efforts are no longer required, but until then, we will fight for the kids, and for tougher laws and legislation against predators going forward.

PPMASS Does not endorse or condone causing any harm to these individuals, be it physical or otherwise. Although we stand by our evidence, all parties are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Videos are for educational & awareness use: Online safety & internet predators

Jason Velasquez, Founder