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Wrong Doxxing Info for Michael Fox

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Hey squad. Just wanted to clarify that some of the doxxing info for Michael Fox is incorrect. Some of those phone numbers belong to my mom and I. I'd prefer if you didn't leave mine up, but what I really care about is my mom's-- she doesn't need people calling her thinking she's that piece of trash so they can harass her. She's just a good, normal person doing her best.


Admin, is there a way we can talk about which numbers are real so that you can take the fakes down? I'd really appreciate it.

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Email me which number are not associated with him and I will edit the image. Unfortunately, the website that I get my dox info from, will still have all those phone numbers listed and that is out of my control.

No one that visits our website should be contacting any of the predators or their families. If any are then that is on their own accord.

Email: [email protected]