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Introducing Predator Bingo!

We at NetPredators are always trying to do the best that we can to provide for this community. We have been talking about making a Bingo game that includes common things the predators say, or things that regularly happen.

Right now this is only a test, and things may change in the future. We may remove some words, change the format, change the rules, and we reserve the right to do those things without notice. We don’t even know how often you will get a new card.

Eventually I would love it if I could get catchers and decoys to give out free clothing or other merchandise to the winners of the Bingo.

What are the available squares?

  • Just wanted to talk
  • Wanted to warn them
  • Got the wrong person
  • This is my first time
  • Different name
  • Brought weapon
  • Brought condoms
  • Brought sex toys
  • Already registered
  • 2nd time caught
  • Female predator
  • Married
  • Parent
  • Got arrested onsite
  • Tried to run
  • Live decoy
  • CC Unit
  • Predator Poachers
  • Colorado Ped Patrol
  • Predator Catchers Muncie
  • Predator Catchers Indianapolis
  • Don’t taze me Bro!
  • PP Mass
  • People V. Preds
  • Ramy
  • Couple
  • NetPreds faster
  • Homeless
  • LC Predator Catcher
  • Odd fetish
  • Shafiq
  • Web Ped Patrol
  • Women Against Predators
  • Collaborate and Listen
  • Has warrants
  • Pred interstate traveling
  • Catcher interstate traveling
  • Fried Pickles
  • NetPredators mentioned
  • Sting house
  • Outdoors
  • Public building


  • Have fun
  • No cheating
  • No poor losers

Why would you make a joke our of such a horrible thing?

This community it already plagued with negativity. With providing to the community and trying to become a central hub for all things predator catching related, we want to add as much positive things as we can to this community. If eventually I can get t-shirts and sweatshirts merchandise as prizes it could really help spread the word and raise awareness to the community.

We do not intend to downplay or make a joke out of any of this, just purely trying to do good.




Let’s Play!