Trip-Hopi Music Producer & Logo Graphics Designer and YouTube Predator Catching Community Supporter

Instagram: @koopahigh
YouTube Channel: Koopa High

🔹YouTube Channels I'm currently producing music for exclusively and/or non-exclusively, and YouTube Channels I have designed original Logos & Graphics for that is both currently and/or not currently in use:

✔️ People V Preds (PVP)

✔️ 💜Predator News Now💜 (PNN)

✔️ Creep Hunters Texas

✔️ Watching Every Browser (WEB)

✔️ Non-Violent Citizens Against Predators (NVCAP)

✔️ Pred Files

✔️ Scamula Baiter


Born and raised in
🌴Southern California🌴
     The Inland Empire
   San Bernardino, CA

100% Chicano

   Currently resides in Alabama
✔Hypnotic Trip-Hop
✅YouTube Online Predator Catching Community