This community is growing, this community is trending/
Now people they be knowing, what you secretly were sending/
Cause there’s no sugar coating, what their actions were intending/
To kids what they’re proposing, is hard just comprehending/
Some lie, say they were joking… they say they were pretending…/
Some say they were bestowing… Some say they were befriending/
And most of em supposing… It’s first time they’re offending/
Cause now we’ll be exposing, a crime that’s hard just mentioning/
Now decoys patrolling… So crimes they are preventing/
Meanwhile police are showing, chomos they are defending/
Chomos they be let going when they should be apprehending/
To go free and be roaming and mostly reoffending/
You think that they’re hoping… this behavior they’re amending…/
From Florida to Wyoming, New York to 9-oh-nizzy?/
To wherever it be snowing… To close up in YOUR city,/
And chomo sympathizers… They like to give them pity/
The life expectancy of catchers on YouTube is depending/
On hesitationcy and factors thats purely condescending/
If they were in the victim’s shoes, they too wont want this ending/
They’ll give catchers their due… cause it’s truly worth commending/

🌴Koopa High🌴
November 21st 2021
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