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NOTE: Shelly herself is not a child predator, but she was well aware that her new husband, Chris Beaber, was having explicit conversations with a minor. Shelly wanted Chris to just block the minor, and move on like nothing ever happened.
Normally we would not list a spouse of a predator on our website, but Shelly works in Human Resources for the Center Joint Unified School District. Shelly is responsible for keeping bad people away from the children in her school district. Considering that Shelly wanted to act like this never happened, was already aware of Chris's actions, and then even married him after the fact, this woman is a danger to every child that she is supposed to be watching out for.

General Information

Name: Shelly Tompkins
Date of Birth: N/A
Location: Roseville, California
Catch Date: March 30th, 2024
Catcher: Predator Poachers
Social Media: Facebook (A)
Aliases: Shelly Beaber, Shelly Reynolds
Employment: Center Joint Unified School District (A)

Note: The above phone number is owned by the school district. Do not call it.

Catch Video


Note: The above information may not be accurate or up to date

Social Media

Additional Media

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