How you can help

The safety of a child is everyone’s business

The predator catching community is big and continues to grow daily as more people take a stand against those that desire to hurt our children, but the community always need more people. If you would like to do your part in keeping children safe, there are many ways that you can contribute, some from the comfort of your favorite chair. Below we have listed various ways that you can help out.


The absolute best way that you can start out helping is to share. If there is a particular video, catcher, or decoy that you really like, please tell a friend or family member. Send people the links to the video. Instead of talking about the weather to make small talk, talk about the community and the movement.


The catchers and decoys spend a lot of time and money doing their work. The work is long and disgusting. For many of those doing this work, it is their full time job. Please consider donating to the people you like within the community. We have provided links to the catchers PayPal accounts on our Catchers & Decoys page. You may also donate via Youtube or Cashapp/Venmo.

Also, if you have any unused smartphones that you would like to donate, many catchers are always accepting smartphones as many police like to take the phone that was used by the decoy in as evidence. Just contact your favorite person in the community and ask them where you can mail it to.

Note: NetPredators does not accept monetary donations. See below on how you can help us.


Here at NetPredators, these posts don’t make themselves. We need help from dedicated people who can help us add predators to the database, both past catches and live catches. It does take a bit of time, but this is one of the more important parts of the community that has always been missing. Joining us gives you a voice on the future of the website.

If you are already a catcher, decoy, or work closely with one and you want to help here as well, then that makes things all that much better. We welcome you here.

Experience with WordPress is a plus, but not necessary. If you have experience working with linux, php, or really any other talents, we would love to have you here.

Another way that you can help us is if you find out any additional information about a predator, you can leave a comment in the post if you are a registered user, mention it in the chatbox, or email us about it.

Lastly, if you live close to a predator, you can also do FOIA requests at the their local police department for up to date information about the legal status of a predator. You could attend court hearings, maybe even speak to people that more closely know the predator.

Contact us and let us know how you’d like to help. Our Email: [email protected]

Take Action

You could become a catcher or decoy yourself! Many of the catchers and decoys are happy to teach other people their art of what they do. We all learn from each other. This is not easy work and takes time and money, but this is what actually saves children from becoming victims of these creeps.

This community is good about donating to their favorite catchers and decoys, so with some time, effort, and a few good catches, you too can start earning a little bit of money.

We at NetPredators are happy to help you out as well. If you would like us to make a page for you and post up your donation links, or even give you your own easy to remember subdomain link, we can do that as well (Example: Tell us how we can further assist you. This offer is for new and seasoned catchers and decoys alike.

Thank you

We greatly appreciate your continued support.