Name: Adrian Mendenhall
Phone: (858) 232-3790
Address: 2370 Palermo Dr, San Diego, CA
Age: 35
DOB: 11/6/85
Decoys: 14f, 14f
Had a German recording contract
Works: Catarmin resort as a reservation specialist.
Catch location: 8 pm PST, Claremont Town Sq. 
Social Media: Facebook(A), YouTube(A), ReverbNation(A), Twitter(A), Pinterest(A), Instagram(A)
Catcher: CC Unit, Stephanie H.

This is my copy of the catch, CC Unit’s video will be here once he posts it

He started chatting to one decoy first (Brit) then switched to her friend (Trinity). Tcoy was the voice for Trinity and Stephanie H was voice of Brit. Adrian works at a resort called Catamaran. Also is a licensed real estate broker in Arizona and in CA. Adrian found these girls in a teen FB chat group. Went sexual quickly with Trinity. Has invited the girls to be alone in his apartment and hang out in his hammock.  Has sent pretty sexual photos near almost nude.  Asked for sexy pics. Talked about having sex and how it feels.

Shout outs for: Tcoy (voice of trinity) , Stephanie H the Decoy (for chats and voice of Brit), PvPhoe (chats for trinity). CC Unit and PCI/PCM for exposure. 

Phone call with Tcoy

Messages with Britney

Messages with Trinity

Adrian’s Music

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