General Information

Name: Chris Hasse
Location: Whiting, New Jersey
Catch Dates: January 18th, 2022 and February 2nd, 2022
Catchers: Predator Poachers, PP Mass, Predator Catchers PA
Decoy: 7, 11, 12 Females

Note: Chris has now been caught twice chatting with minors sexually online. After the first catch he continued to chat with the decoy thinking that she was still a real child, which is what led to him being caught a second time. A true Isaac Newton here folks.

Stephanie – Voice and chats of Trinity
PP Hoe – Face and chats of Trinity
Sami – Face, voice, and chats of Summer

Catch Videos

1st catch with Alex of Predator Poachers
2nd catch with Jay of PP Mass
2nd catch with Shafiq of Predator Catchers PA


Note: Due to the file size of these screenshots, we figured it would be less demanding on our server and bandwidth if we just provide the zip files of the edited chatlogs below.


Note: Chris’s current address is in fact Whiting, not Bayville

Additional Pictures

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