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The value of having a YouTube news channel that specifically reports on what's going on in the Predator catching community and milestone achievements of YouTube Predator Catchers is a much-needed and valuable asset to the entire movement. Mainstream media and Many Law Enforcement agencies do portray YouTube Predator Catchers in a negative way, and often use the word "vigilante" in a derogative way to describe predator catchers.

Some go as far as to change the narritives by intentionally leaving out key facts, and/or straight up lying with some bs that is simply incorrect and untrue so they could lead viewers watching to thinking YouTube Predator Catchers are part of the problem and not the solution.

 There's also the YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers who also voice their opinions and unfortunately, put YouTube Predator catchers in a negative limelight. The number of individuals that unfairly bash (and straight up talking shit) about Predator catchers and hardcore enemies of the Predator Catching Community are in abundance. And that number literally grows and gets higher by the day.

I almost forgot to include the negative channels of former supporters of the community, some made up of disgruntled former decoys of a catcher that continue to make serious accusations against a catcher(s) in the absence of them presenting any evidence.

However, they are free to do what they want. I'm not saying they're not allowed to, nor am I complaining about them exercising the First Amendment because I'm a big supporter of freedom of speech/freedom of press, and I encourage it on both spectrums 

What I'm saying is in the amount of negative publicity vs positive publicity ratio in regards to YouTube predator catchers, the negative publicity trumps the positive... and we need to change that. The goal of this whole movement shouldn't be only to get the predators arrested and that's it should also be to expose them publicly as loud as possible, to create a social change for the next generations to have zero tolerance for crimes against children, to expose the disgusting nature of online child predators and how easy (and how rampant and common it is) so we all take this more seriously. And in time, this movement will wake more people up who sleep on this issue until we eventually and ultimately change laws to be more harsher and to prioritize the safety of children.

It's no secret 💜Predator News Now💜 is by far the most efficient and well executed Channel that's sets the bar of positive publicity and the TMZ of the Predator Catching Community. Cup and Emily are DOING A GREAT JOB on keeping that bar high, and I hope it continues as long as possible for years to come until that vision and goal is ultimately reached.

And to all you haters/enemies of the Predator Catching Community, we're not going nowhere as long as Child Predators exist, and unfortunately they will always exist. Therefore movements like this will always exist. This is a very serious and controversial topic and shit can get outta hand very fast. This is a 🔵🆚🔴 good vs bad battle going on. Reality.

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Monday August 1st 2022

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Ps. I produce original music/beats for Catchers and friends of the community as well as some graphic design for logos/profile pics. Dm me if your interested and Sub To my YT channel to get notifications 

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