Name: James F. Burrows
DOB: August 11th, 1973
Address: Union Dale, PA
Catchers: Predator Poachers, Steph H., PvP Hoe
Decoy: 14f
Legal Status: Prior convictions
Social Media: Facebook(A)

Decoy phone call with James Burrows
Phone call with decoy on October 4th, 2021

James F. Burrows aka “Buzz or Buzzman” – Uniondale, PA
DOB: Aug 11th, 1973 (48yrs old)
Parents Deceased
From: Hancock, New York
Employments: Garbage truck driver, tree cutter
Soliciting Aug 26th, 95’ – Franklin Municipal Court Ohio – Misdemeanor 1st Degree (1yr probation)
Corruption of a Minor – Dec 27th 13’ – PA – Misdemeanor 1st Degree (2-23months in jail) – Plea Deal
Church: East Ararat Methodist Church

This picture is from their church’s FB page.

Plea Deal was – Receive sexual offender assessment/treatment as deemed necessary, no firearms, no contact with victim, no contact with anyone under 18yrs old without proper supervision (except direct family members), and to not visit/access any social websites on the internet.

Supervised by Wayne County.

Contacted Decoy (Trinity) on: Sept 20th, 2021
Age Drop (14yrs old) on: 4th message in
Went to textnow on: Sept 21st, 2021
Sent first pee video: Sept 22nd @ 11am EST
Sent first dick pic: Sept 22nd @ 7pm EST

  • He asked how old we were – we said 14 – he said 48 – convo continued
  • Wished we were older, but still ok to talk
  • Would ask for a pic if we were older
  • Called decoy “cute”
  • Asked how old our “friend” (another decoy) was (14yrs old). He said she was cute too.
  • Sends FB videos/pics so they can be deleted afterwards for both people
  • Asked decoy if she “liked” his penis
  • Wanted to video call
  • Only messages/calls when wife isn’t around, very hard to get a hold of at night
  • Sends good morning messages when he leaves for work
  • Felt better when we switched to texting because it was “safer” for us to msg him
  • Brought up that he took a video of him peeing and sent that video next day
  • Asked if we ever saw a guy peeing before.
  • Tells us we need to be “18” to see a pee video
  • Asks what kind of phone we have
  • Sends videos/pics on fb when we are “alone”
  • Asks what we wear to school, bed all the time
  • Asks what color panties/bra we wear all the time, and if they match
  • Asked if we need help showering
  • Says don’t delete pictures we send till he sees it (probably screenshots them)
  • Asks if we wear thongs or panties
  • Tells decoy he is jerking off
  • Sends picture of his dick afterwards on FB
  • Tells decoy to “smile” all the time
  • Tells decoy when he is doing “family” stuff so we don’t msg
  • Asks decoy if she has sent out “sexy pics” before
  • Asks decoy for bikini picture
  • Hung up phone on decoy mid-call (wife likely came in)
  • Tells decoy he sleeps nude, and asks if decoy does too
  • Says decoys nipples would be hard if she did
  • Tells decoy that he “bets she has cute nipples”
  • Tells decoy to go to bathroom at school so she can check what color her bra/panties are
  • Wants to see decoys beautiful smile
  • Helps out at a church
  • Met another girl and told decoy about it, said his zipper will be down when he meets her
  • Other girl is “25”
  • Wishes he could see our bra and panties

Chat logs with decoy

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