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  1. In October 2021 the NetPredator Team captured Patrick Diebel in Avon Indianapolis in a sting operation leading to his arrest and eventual conviction as a felony 4 criminal (60 year old Adult soliciting sex with a child). Their wonderful work was captured on video and posted to YouTube. Recently I noticed that YouTube has taken down the video. Just thought I would let you know.

    URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMudLQlT78Q

    1. Correction. Patrick Diebel was caught by Shanda and Eric of PCM/PCI. NetPredators is strictly just a news organization and does not participate in any part of any catches.
      Thank you for letting me know that the video is down. I will have to upload my backup copy.

  2. Sorry about the faux pas I made on the arrest credit. Shanda & Eric did an amazing job with the take down. I’ll check back with YouTube to see if the video is accessible in the next week or so. Thanks for helping keep the children of our society safe from individuals like Patrick Diebel.

    Heidi M.

  3. Well done! Thanks, I am able to view the video but for some reason I have no audio (only visual).
    It’s so disturbing to think that this guy (60 yrs of age) planned this visit in such detail — booked a flight from Canada to Indiana…followed through on renting a car and driving to the mall in Avon to connect with a “child" for sexual purposes.
    Well, thanks to Shanda & Eric, Patrick is now incarcerated for 5 years as a convicted fellon. It will be interesting to see if he faces any further legal sanctions when (if) he returns to Canada to resume his life after release from the Indiana State Department of Corrections.

    Sidebar: I discovered that Patrick Diebel has launched a law suit against the State of Indiana claiming the prison conditions were below standards and violated his civil rights. URL link below:

    1. If you need a copy of the video for any reason, email me and I will give you a direct link to it. But it should be working just fine. The only problem is that the server where the video is being hosted has an incredibly low upload speed so it takes a moment for the video to properly buffer.

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