General Information

Name: Felix Portal
Date of Birth: N/A
Location: Buena Park, California
Catch Date: November 17th, 2022
Catcher: Arizona Predator Prevention
Decoy: 13 Female
Social Media: Facebook 1, Facebook 2, Facebook 3, Facebook 4, Facebook 5, Facebook 6, Facebook 7, Facebook 8, Facebook 9, Facebook 10
Instagram 1, Instagram 2, Instagram 3, Instagram 4, Instagram 5, Instagram 6, Instagram 7, Instagram 8, Instagram 9
Legal Status: Free man

Note: Felix was also caught by Ghost of CC Unit approximately 48 weeks prior to this catch. That footage is unavailable.
Felix’s address and other personal information has been withheld from me and I am unable to find it through my normal osint means.
Being that this man has been caught twice now, I feel that he is a danger to the public and we all deserve to know where he lives to keep our children away from him. So if I am able to obtain his personal info then I will post it.

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