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  1. Hey NVCAP! Just saw your missionary busting video. AMAZING! My name is Michael Draper. I own a business in Provo Utah called the Latter-day Cafe, and I sell this amazing drink called MojoMojo that tastes like coffee, but it’s healthier and better for the earth. You can even choose how much caffeine you want per serving. I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, and I LOVE what you did. I would love to send your whole team a a care package. We are not the church, and we are not affiliated with the church. I’m also not trying to kiss up so you guys like the church better. We don’t really have the money to contribute to you guys financially, but it would mean a lot to me if you would accept a caffeinated care package from us! Thank you for rooting out a filthy predator from my church! I hope you’ll bust many more! If you’ll accept, please email me back at
    [email protected]
    You can see more on our new retail website drinkmojomojo.com

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