I received an email from [email protected] on March 14th, 2022. Attached to it was this letter below;

Our response:

Well, if Corey had any brains at all in his head then he would have done his proper research and figured out why this would fail.

I did already write up a huge list of things telling this dipshit why his lolsuit would fail, but then I decided not to post it because I figured that I would much rather this stupid shitbag make a fool of himself by having to tell a whole courtroom full of people why he was even listed on our website, thus further broadcasting his dirty deeds to an even wider audience, and making our website more popular, and the court case ending with Corey losing and having to pay for my legal fees of the most expensive lawyer that I can find and causing Corey to go broke and file for bankruptcy.

What a stupid fuck.

And here is the original post on Mr. Corey Pelcher

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