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Name: Corey Pelcher
Location: San Diego, California
Catch Date: February 19th, 2022
Catcher: People V. Preds
Decoy: 14 Male
Social Media: Facebook (A), Instagram, Linkedin

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Social Media

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7 thoughts on “Corey Pelcher”
    1. The video? Not at the moment. I was looking through my archives and I don’t have that catch recorded. I am hoping to get my hands on it and post it on my server where it won’t be removed.

        1. Good. Keep it up. We can’t have these fucking shitheads out there thinking they got away with it. They need to be exposed.
          I really do hope that this retard does attempt to file something in court.

      1. Damn YouTube must have caved to his shitty legal threat. Not surprised. I’m gonna have to start saving PvP’s catches to send over if you miss one or it gets deleted. Guessing PvP would send you the file if you asked. I believe he knows about this site and has mentioned it on a stream or two.

        1. PvP doesn’t like me and I doubt he would send me the video, although i really wish i could work with him on this. It would be better if this whole community worked together since we have a common goal

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