Today YouTube released a statement that, in part, they will no longer be allowing Child Predator catching done on their platform anymore unless it involves law enforcement. This could be interpreted in a few different ways, but nonetheless many channels and thousands of videos are at risk of being lost forever and our community losing it’s most valuable platform. This is devastating to say the least for those that have put in endless hours of work and equally devastating to the survivors of abuse.

We all have known that YouTube was eventually going to come down on catcher’s channels. Because of this, I started building this platform which at one point consisted of not only our website but also an IRC chat service, a private video conferencing service, a forum, a filing sharing service, and some other things. All these services I set up and hosted myself with the goal of building a unified platform for all predator catching related activities that were protected against the big tech companies abilities to just wipe content off the internet.

For many months I asked many different catchers to come more on board with our platform, and almost every time I was told “We are working on creating our own platform”. Even a year later there are only a very small handful of catchers that even have their own websites, and those that do exist are not updated often and are only just a very basic website.

Now, I watch the videos today of all these catchers that are trying to figure out what they are going to do in the future. All the same ones that said many times in the past that they were going to build their own platform are once again stating that they are going to do so. I’m not very optimistic, but I do wish them the best. People are scrambling saying that they need to work on building a platform right away. This is unrealistic.

There is already a platform here. There is no need for everyone out there to reinvent the wheel, scramble, or struggle. If everyone were to actually go and stick to their own platforms, then that thins everyone out, makes it more difficult to find new catchers and eventually the community will just be a shell of what it once was surviving on life support.

This is truly a time that our community needs to come together.

Nearly everyone in this community has had their share of controversy and false claims made about them by trolls and those that sensationalize everything as much as possible because they just like to watch the world burn. NetPredators has not been exempt from such attention because trolls are successful. We have also had many catchers and decoys object to our operations, while at the same time I have had much more catchers and decoys support our mission.

Because my priority is to expose child predators, I would like to tell everyone that I have ever had a previous conflict with or that has talked negatively about myself or NetPredators, I hold no grudges and I would like to again welcome everyone to utilize our platform. I as well apologize for any mistakes I have previously made and my shortcomings in this community. I am willing to leave everything of the past in the past and just move forward. And I have to say, this is extremely difficult because there was even one person that threatened to kill me and others that are trying to hurt me by thinking they are exposing me, but yet I am willing to forgive those people as well because we have a greater goal with our community and I think if we work together then we can make something that is much more powerful than it ever was.

I had been working on my own actual streaming service for catchers to use for live catches that would have a short delay in the video stream so moderators could quickly bleep out any private information that did not get muted out. I had and still have big plans for this platform. Although I do have some rather beefy servers in my home, I don’t currently have the internet connection to support steaming videos to even just hundreds of users, but my servers can handle that and more. Because of that I ran the website just from a VPS until I ran out of space there.

If I see that I will start getting more support from the community, catchers, and decoys, then I will gladly upgrade my internet connection to a proper business class connection and spend more on storage.

As is, I already have over 3 terabytes of catching videos archived on my server and other storage devices and I am getting close to running of space. I plan on doing a mass download and archiving every catchers channel to make sure that I get any that I have previously missed to make sure that they do not become lost forever.

I will also remind everyone that NetPredators and myself have not received a single penny from anywhere since starting over a year ago. We do not accept monetary donations. We have absolutely no financial gain or motivation. The costs of equipment and utilities comes from our family budget. We just strictly want to help make the world a safer place for our children.

I’m not saying that NetPredators is the greatest thing since sliced bread, but we have a great foundation and does anyone really have any better alternatives that already exist and is all inclusive?

Again, I would like to welcome EVERYONE here with open arms, even those that will continue to troll me or disagree with me.

I thank you all for your time.

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