Someone is going around, decoying, and then pretending to work with us at and trying to extort people.

If we haven’t made this clear enough before, We do not accept donations or money from anyone at all… ever. We will never try to extort someone. If we make a post about someone then it is never coming down unless a judge demands it, the predator becomes deceased, or we find out that the information was wrong.

If you were caught in one these types of extortion attempts then please call the police or the FBI. I can promise you that no matter what stupid things you said or how many pics of your genitals that you sent, you not be prosecuted because someone was trying to set you up and extort you.

If anyone claims to be from or claims to work for us, then demand that they make a post on the website to prove it. We have already done this multiple times. People in the past have not believed that it was us in a live chat, so we take the 15 seconds to make a post on this website saying “Yeah, I’m currently in the live chat”. If the person claiming to be us can’t do that then they are not us.

The website staff and owners will NEVER ask for money, bitcoin, or anything else from suspected predators. We don’t give a damn about money. We only want to expose these predators and watch their world crumble and we would never trade that for any amount of cash. We don’t even want to communicate with predators. We have not ever decoyed or even been on a catch.

Now, this could always be your run of the mill dipshit scammers, but I believe that the person doing this has a grudge against us and is trying to get a reaction out of me. Pretty freaking stupid to commit fraud and extortion, both of which are really serious crimes, just to try to be a dick to us or set us up. The person doing this is obviously not very intelligent, as is the case with everyone that does have a grudge against us.

We currently have some people looking into this, and that is about the most that we will say about the actions that we are taking on our end.

If you have any further information about this or have been the victim of one of these extortion attempts then please contact the police, email me, leave a comment here, or whatever else you can do.

Thank you


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