I was given the opportunity to do an interview with Bill Keeler of WIBX for this morning. I kindly asked Stephanie if she would like to do the interview instead because Steph is just the better person for the task with all her years decoying and fighting for the safety of our children. Steph accepted and gave a great live interview, something that I probably would have completely fumbled anyways.

Please take a listen to the interview below. Steph did an amazing job of representing our community.

Anyone who has been following the Predator Catching movement and our community for more than 5 minutes should already know who Steph and W.A.P. is, but if you don’t then make sure you check out her YouTube Channel and take a listen to her live decoy calls.

Read the article they wrote HERE

You can also follow Bill Keeler on the following social media platforms;
Twitter- @WIBXnews @BillKeeler1 @AndrewWIBX950 
Facebook- Bill.Keeler1 WIBX950AM 
Instagram- @WIBXNews @BillKeeler1

And again, Steph, I thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our community and our children. Keep up with fighting the good fight. Without you, many of these predators would have never been caught until it was too late and a child was hurt. Your work and dedication is inspiring. You deserve a great vacation!

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