I knew one day I would have to make this post, but this doesn’t make it any bit easy to do.

Last week a person contacted me asking about how to get a deceased individual removed from our website. Of course, I told this person that I would need proof. Today I was provided with the Death Certificate for a person that we had cataloged on our website. As per our policy, upon receiving this death certificate, this person was immediately removed from our website and all social media accounts that we control.

Some of you will ask why would we even bother to remove them.

The reason is simple. This person is no longer a threat to children. Our whole purpose of this website is to keep children safe. If a person is no longer alive then they certainly pose no threat to anyone anymore, thus, there is no longer a need to display them on our website.

We also understand that all of this can be extremely damaging to a predators loved ones. The pain of having their friend or family member pass away is enough of a terrible thing to occur, but to continue to display the persons dirty deeds to the world does nothing but hurt those that loved this person, and we are not out to hurt people.

I will not be publicly announcing who the deceased individual is, because that will likely just bring further pain.

I would like you all to remember that although some people may do some absolutely horrible things, we are to never go out of our way to punish the family of those people. We do not condone harassing anyone at all. The family and friends are innocent, and now have a huge burden to deal with.

Most of you do not know this, but there are quite a few spouses of predators that we do keep in regular contact with. We try to do everything we can to help support the family that the predator has hurt. They are victims as well, and us as a community should do all we can to help everyone that is affected by a predators actions.

The passing of a predator is not an event that should ever be praised. Although we may be relieved that no one will ever be victimized by this person anymore, the pain that all the family and friends endure makes it that their death is not to be celebrated.

Thank you.



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