Many of you have noticed that I haven’t been on top of cataloging predators in the past 2 weeks. I made a short explanation on instagram, but I will explain even more here.

First and foremost, this community is really fucking exhausting. The amount of shit that I deal with on a regular basis from people being too ignorant to understand the laws, other people sticking their nose into places it doesn’t belong, and the people thinking that they can tell me how to do things gets really overwhelming. It is almost daily that someone new has something to bitch about and I am often having to put people in their place. It wastes a lot of my time dealing with this crap.

I also have had a family member that has been going through some issues and that has required my attention as well.

It is also spring time. I have been getting things ready for our garden.

Let’s not forget that I am the main caretaker of our baby.

Lastly, we had school vacation then my spouse was on vacation, and during that time I have been slowly trying to renovate my daughters bedroom which involved ripping out the 20+ year old nasty carpeting, patch holes and paint the walls, and put in a new floor. I’m still not finished with it.

And then I still need time for myself to actually try to enjoy life.

So, as you can see, I do have a life outside of the pred catching community.

The help that I did have on the website has been having personal health issues and has taken a step back from the community as a whole. Thats has made it back to being pretty much just myself again.

I will be getting back into the groove of things in a short bit here. I have been taking notes on some predators that have been caught and have been just saving the information until I get the time and ambition to get back in gear here.

With the good weather coming soon, I am going to be outside quite a bit.

If anyone wants to help with cataloging predators, please email me at [email protected]

I also encourage people to leave your feedback below as a comment.

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