Sorry for the hiatus. We ran into to server space issues and summer has me busy. Other things came first.

I am still struggling with my server space issue and what I have done right now to get the site back up is only a temporary fix.

I’ve had far more people than I am proud to admit come to me and express to me their sadness or displeasure over our website being down. Because of everyone that did come to me, I kinda put things in high gear to get it back functional again. I feel really gracious that I have that much support from this community when I thought its’ disappearance was probably going to go mostly unnoticed .

But. I need help with the website. I need people who can donate time or equipment. I can’t take anyone’s money for any reason, but if someone were to purchase something like a software license on our behalf then I would greatly appreciate the generosity. But I don’t see any such need like that at the moment anyway.

There is an important part to getting users to now help more with the website and get it more active. When the users are the ones adding the content, NetPredators gets Section 230 protections from liability. This helps the website greatly on a legal standpoint. The user just have to be smart enough to at least use a VPN or Tor to connect to the website for making profiles on the predators. If the IP address that I have on record is a no log VPN endpoint, well then the users are mostly safe from civil litigation as well since what we do is %100 legal.

During our down time, I did do a lot of brainstorming and testing with other smaller things. So I do have a couple of things in the works.

I hope you all are happy to see us back up again, but do not expect to see me making too many posts in the near future because I am still rather busy and the website may go down from time to time, and be slow as shit at times, but please bear with us as we work through this transition.

We love you all.

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