Originally Bill Keeler had contacted me via Facebook and had asked to interview me. Bill then mentioned the 3 catches that WEB had done in the Utica area in recent times. I had asked Bill if he would like to be put in contact with WEB, he said yes and still wanted to interview me as well which is what led yesterdays interview with Steph.

I finally got word to WEB yesterday afternoon regarding Bill Keeler and WEB announced last night that he would be doing an interview this morning. Below is the interview. Please take a listen.

Please jump to the 23 minute mark for the start of the interview

You can also follow Bill Keeler on the following social media platforms;
Twitter- @WIBXnews @BillKeeler1 @AndrewWIBX950 
Facebook- Bill.Keeler1 WIBX950AM 
Instagram- @WIBXNews @BillKeeler1

53360cookie-checkWEB Interview w/ Bill Keeler of WIBX

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